River Derwent - Gote Bridge November 2009
River Cocker from Jubilee Bridge
View on approach to Cogra Moss

Conditions of Permit  -- River Derwent  --  River Cocker  --  Cogra Moss

Scope of Rules

These rules are those of Cockermouth Angling Association and are independent of any rules or conditions attached to permits or licences to fish granted by any owners, leasors or government agencies.


This Association shall be called COCKERMOUTH ANGLING ASSOCIATION.


To provide fishing for migratory fish (Salmon and Sea-Trout), Brown and Rainbow Trout for members at reasonable costs and to protect and develop fishing interests towards this end.  The purchase or lease of any fishing which becomes available within the resources of the Association. Cockermouth Angling Association is a non-profit making body with all the assets being owned by the members of the......Click to view full rules in PDF