6 Derwent Salmon shown below were all caught on fly and were all safely returned to the water.

21-07-20 (20lbs)

17-09-20 (13lbs)

07/10/20 (13lbs)

09-10-20 (9lbs)

14/10/20 (15lbs)

15-10-20 (20lbs)

Length 38", Girth 19", Weight 18lbs. Caught by John Smith on 22/08/2012 at Iron Bridge on Spinner. River height 2' 7"

18 lb, caught on Cockermouth's Guest Water, Ladyboat Pool, by Pete Williams, being a guest of John Moses, in October 2011. This Cock Fish was returned to the water unharmed.

14 lbs. Caught in June 2017 on Stoddart Pot by Neil Barcock.