River Cocker

River Cocker

River Cocker Permit Application - Click for Application Form

(Members must live within the Cockermouth Postal Area)

Permits to fish Association waters shall be allocated annually by the Association. No member shall fish Association waters without a permit allocated by the Association.

River Cocker Junior Scheme - Click for Application Form

1. Open to juniors aged between 12 & 16 years.

2. Subject to an Annual membership.

3. The Junior Restricted Cocker permit fee to be fixed at each years AGM.

4. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

5. Juniors must abide by the same rules and conditions as printed on the permit for all other Cocker members.

6. In the year where a junior member reaches the age of 16 by the 31st December they will be considered for full membership and any full Cocker permits which may become available for the following season.

7. Juniors must behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all times and the Association accepts no liability for any member acting outside the rules and conditions appertaining to their membership.